West District Junior Cricket Union officials 2018-19

Chairman: Parvase Majeed (07971-572270);

Vice-Chairman: Ammar Ashraf (07837-129845);

Secretary: Ann Hargie (07730-271545);

Treasurer: Colin Dawson (07931-569138); and

Committee members: Auid Iqbal (078645-95995)Tim Hart (07825-172346) and Gavin Hurford (07749-825671)


Cricket Scotland west region staff, 2018-19

Cricket Scotland West Regional Participation Manager: Tim Hart (07825-172346);

Cricket Scotland West Region Women & Girls’ Development Officer: Rosy Ryan (07534-102123); and

Cricket Scotland Community Engagement Coordinator: Ammar Ashraf (07837-129845).


Western Warriors Under 16, 2018-19

Cricket Scotland Performance Pathway Manager: Gordon Drummond (07826-907124);

Administrator: Iain Murdoch (07816-400562);

Joint Lead Coach: Tim Hart (07825-172346); and

Joint Lead Coach: David Hinchliffe (07736-320337).


Western Warriors Under 14, 2018-19

As above for Western Warriors Under 16.


Strathclyde Girls squad, 2018-19

Coach: Rosy Ryan (07534-102123).


West schools cricket contacts

Glasgow Schools Cricket Association: Tony Coyle (07756-512694), Hillhead High School.




Inter-Area competitions, 2019

Under 12 Area Development Tournament Director: Tim Hart (07825-172346); and

Under 14 Challenge Series Director: Tim Hart (07825-172346).