[Notwithstanding where two clubs combine playing resources to field a combined team] Each season a number of junior players are permitted, by specific individual decision, to play their junior cricket at one or more age-group for a club other than the one at which, either, they are registered for senior cricket, or would consider their primary club.  In such circumstances each player has been granted an individual dispensation by the League Secretary, and has become a bona fide junior member of the other club(s) concerned.  A list of players to which dispensations have been awarded is set out below.

Player name Primary club Secondary club Age-group(s) for which dispensation granted
Chris Holdstock Hillhead CC Glasgow Accies CC Under 15
Rafay Khan Renfrew CC Poloc CC Under 15
Hasan Malik Poloc CC Renfrew CC Under 14
Muhaymen Majeed Renfrew CC Poloc CC Under 15