Undernoted are Western Warriors Under 16 team selections as notified by Joint Lead Coaches Tim Hart (07825-172346) and David Hinchliffe (07736-320337).


Team: Western Warriors Under 16
Opposition: George Watson’s College
Match type: Inter-regional Championship
Date(s): Wednesday, 4 July 2018
Venue: “Myreside” (Watsonian CC, Edinburgh, EH10 5DB)
Start time: 10am
Meet time: 9am
Collection time (estimated): 3.30pm
Meet location: “Myreside” (Watsonian CC, Edinburgh, EH10 5DB)
Dress code: Western Warriors hoody (if players have one)
Playing kit: Western Warriors playing kit will be provided
Selection confirmation: David Hinchliffe (07736-320337)
1 David Sturgess (Captain), Clydesdale CC
2 Daniel Cairns, Clydesdale CC
3 John Greene, Glasgow Accies CC
4 Taha Khan, Clydesdale CC
5 Cameron MacLean, Kelburne CC
6 Muhaymen Majeed, Renfrew CC
7 Adam Malik Dumfries CC
8 Donald Obre, Uddingston CC
9 Faizan Rauf, Clydesdale CC
10 Ritchie Simpson, Ayr CC +
11 Reiss Wylie, Kelburne CC
12 TBC
Scorer: TBC
Match fee: N/a
Tea arrangement: Provided by opposition