I hope you are all well and your club’s junior programme is going well.

I have revisited the request to update the contact list and I believe I have made all the changes requested now. Please advise if I have missed anyone.

In order to submit your club’s junior results you should be able to request user access from your club’s CS Live administrator. Once you have access you can submit results.

I appreciate this is not ideal for all junior convenors so for this year if those uncomfortable with this system please send the match results to this email address.

We will endeavour to update the table for the U12SB, U14 and U16 by mid-July if all results are input or provided.

Lastly, we remind all junior convenors to note that the playing of overage players without dispensation will result in a match forfeit + penalty points or a potential suspension from all junior cricket for repeat offenders (match will be considered to be a concession).

If you have difficulty in making up the numbers and wish to include an overage player we note the following:

1. The opposition coach/manager should be advised prior to the commencement of the match
2. The opposition coach will have the authority to request where the overage player bats and bowls if at all. This is from a fairness and health and safety perspective.
3. The match will be considered a concession for the team playing the overage player not dispensated by the WDJCU.
4. These measures are in place to ensure safe and fair play for all eligible players in the age groups.

The WDJCU committee will not tolerate clubs operating outside these rules and may if clubs persist in playing ineligible overage players, suspend the club from all junior cricket for the rest of the season.

I attach a document which should make it easier for clubs concerned with the age of players. The colours on PlayerReg represent different ages as at 31 August 2021. For example, to check if a player is eligible for the U16 age group they cannot be the two blue colours as both blues are U17 and U18.


Parvase Majeed
WDJCU Committee