Clydesdale CC win the WDJCU Under 19 Super 8s, 2019

Clydesdale CC have won the single-group WDJCU Under 19 Super 8s, 2019.

Unfortunately, one of the teams had to withdraw after the draw was published, leaving Clydesdale to play Clydesdale II in a best-of-three final group – and meaning that the shield was definitely going to remain in the Titwood trophy cabinet!  Team one won game one, before team two won game two – to set up a “winner takes all” final match.  In this, team one prevailed by six wickets.

The three matches all saw the bat dominate the ball – with Bahadar Esakhiel scoring two 50s and Arman Farid (three times), Owen Gould (twice) and Ibrahim Faisal, Maryam Faisal & Nikhil Koteeswaran (all once) reaching the mandatory retirement score of 25.