New season Chairman’s message

On the eve of a new junior league season, WDJCU Chairman Parvase Majeed writes “We have arrived again at the crest of a new season. The weather may not be conducive but we are hardened souls in the west of Scotland and made to suffer and endure whatever the weather throws at us.  This season’s junior cricket is going to be interesting, challenging and I hope really enjoyable for all participants. We have new formats for the kids from the work undertaken by Cricket Scotland and its research based on Australian junior cricket. Age groups of Under 11, Under 14 and Under 16 will in future if the experience over the season is a positive one will become known as J1, J2 and J3. We have retained the Under 12 age group to allow the kids to experience the hardball before Under 14.

“I would like to give a big thanks to Ann Hargie the junior union’s new Secretary and Tim Hart of Cricket Scotland for the work put in preparing the fixtures after long deliberations on the formats were completed by the junior committee. Also a big thank you to Keith Young for his advice, support and ongoing work on the website even after relinquishing the Secretary’s role.

“It was very pleasing to see so many of you at the workshop last week and those of you who were not able to attend please ensure you read up on the formats or hope the opposition coach is conversant of the new ‘rules’. Otherwise…..

“Tomorrow is the start of the junior season Under 11 and Under 14 matches will commence. Weather permitting.

“To all Junior Convenors and team coaches: embrace the changes :: enjoy the new experience :: let the kids play!”