West Regional Participation Manager – Tim Hart – Redundancy

Please see below for information from Tim Hart in regards to his leaving of Cricket Scotland.  WDJCU wish to thank Tim for all his assistance and guidance in his role as Cricket Scotland liaison officer to the committee and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

Dear Clubs, the Cricket Community, Network Colleagues & Friends, 

It is with very heavy heart that I am getting in contact to inform you that I am leaving Cricket Scotland, after 9 years – with my post being made redundant, as part of Cricket Scotland’s Reset Plan.  I will be leaving as soon as my time on the Furlough Scheme ends, at the start of September. 

Please could you remove timhart@cricketscotland.com and my work number (07825-172346) from your contact lists – and add Head of Development Nicola Wilson (nicolawilson@cricketscotland.com & 07891-408915) as your new first point of contact for Cricket Scotland. 

I remain involved in sport as a volunteer at my local club – and I am continuing in my role as a coach within the Western Warriors Youth set up.  My updated contact details are timhart@btinternet.com and 07753-987286.  

I have always felt a great sense of pride to work for Cricket Scotland – and I would like to thank all of you for your support of me, of cricket and of Cricket Scotland during my time with the organisation. 

Best Wishes.