Under 11 League, Finals Day, 2019

Clydesdale CC are Under 11 League winners.  Whitehaugh (Kelburne CC) played host to the WDJCU Under 11 League Finals Day on Sunday the  9th of September.  The day featured two semi-finals (first versus fourth in the league – and second versus third): East Renfrewshire CC versus Clydesdale CC, and Hillhead CC versus Glasgow Accies CC.

In semi-final one, table-toppers East Renfrewshire CC batted first against Clydesdale CC.  A good all-round bowling and fielding display was led by Hamzah Shahid taking two wickets (2 for 10) and two run outs, as East Renfrewshire CC scored 64 runs, while Clydesdale took ten wickets.  In reply, Shahid continued his “player of the match” effort by scoring 24 and Shlok Thaker (14) provided good support, as Clydesdale CC scored 105 runs, with East Renfrewshire CC taking eight wickets.  Final score: East Renfrewshire CC, 96, lost to Clydesdale CC, 145, by 49 runs.

In semi-final two, Hillhead CC batted first against Glasgow Accies CC.  As in the first semi-final, a fantastic all-round bowling and fielding display limited the first innings total.  Led by Zain Bhatti (2 for 2), Glasgow Accies CC managed to restrict Hillhead CC to 25 runs, while taking four wickets.  In reply, although Hillhead CC took six wickets, Glasgow Accies CC scored freely – finishing on 82 runs, with Bhatti scoring 15*.  Final score: Hillhead CC, 49, lost to Glasgow Accies CC, 98, by 49 runs.

In the final, Clydesdale CC batted first and scored 77 runs.  Shlok Thaker top scored with 21, while there were two wickets each for Ritvik Gajree (2 for 9) and Vivek Somepali (2 for 10) for Glasgow Accies CC.  In reply, Thaker added to an impressive performance by taking three wickets in the third over – and this set up the Clydesdale CC win.  Thaker finished with 4 for 3, and Innes Algie provided great support with 3 for 3, as Glasgow Accies CC scored 37 runs.  With the bonus runs added on for taking wickets, the final result was Clydesdale CC, 113, defeated Glasgow Accies CC, 73, by 40 runs.

Congratulations to Clydesdale CC on their victory.