WDJCU Fixtures, Playing Formats and Regulations for Season 2022

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the delay in submitting the fixtures. There were two late entries and after both there was a requirement to rework the fixtures.
Please find attached the final fixtures for Season 2022, a proposal for the ADG Festival on which we request feedback, WDCU junior playing formats and league rules overview and WDJCU league and cup rules and regulations for 2022.
There was no clear guidance from clubs on the issue of age cut-off for the U16’s. It was split 50/50 at the forum and similarly the responses to the age group requirements. It was therefore decided that all age groups would remain with a cut-off of 31 August 2021 and the dispensation would be utilised to assist clubs that may have difficulty in raising a team to compete at the U16 age group. Obviously, dispensation remains in place for all age groups and clubs are requested to submit dispensation forms asap. Forms are attached.
Only the WDJCU-league-and-cup-rules-and-regulations-2022 VI remains to be updated. Meeting with CS on use of CS live is scheduled for Friday 18th March. Point 12 will be revised and a final rules and regulation document will be issued.
It is very pleasing to see the number of teams participating in the age groups and the WDJCU committee wish all clubs, coaches, volunteers, parents and players the best for the coming season.
Good luck to all clubs and we are here at your disposal if you have any issues.
Stay safe.
Parvase Majeed